Stuff is happening. Promise.

Friends, we are still here. We might have gone under the radar for a short period, but stuff is happening! 

Some time ago we flew across Norway to the wet, cold and windy town of Bergen to go to Konsoll. Konsoll is a conference (or festival) for game developers – aiming to  create a sustainable game development industry in Norway. We, or at least me (Jennydalf), was quite nervous about this small adventure. I wouldn´t be so bold as to call myself a “game developer” yet, even though I am the mastermind  behind the blockbuster “Jennyball”.

After listening to the awesome speakers, and meeting a lot of talented people, we realized that we might have been aiming a bit high with “Edgar”.  It´s quite a complicated game to be our first, and since we are very eager to learn and make something as fast as possible, we started to think of simpler concepts that would still be interesting and fun to make and play.

Sooo… *drumroll* Let us introduce: “Aquanaut” or “Akuanaut” or “Nautical” or “the big climb” or “up up and away” or… well… we´ll think of a good name.


I really really reeeeaaally like fish. If I wasn´t a graphic designer, I would have been a marine biologist. This game involves a lot of fish. I´m gonna have so much fun with the graphics!

It´s a simple jump-forever-and-ever-game.  You play the role of a lost diver, waking up at the bottom of the ocean. You need to collect air to survive. You jump from one fish to another to get higher. Different fish have different functions. Eventually you might reach the surface (and beyond!). Besides air, you collect some sort of in-game currency as you jump, and at the end of each level you will be able to buy gear to improve the diver. (And lots and lots of other interesting features.)

This is gonna be fun!



Update 20.10.13: Just to be clear: Edgar is not dead. We definitely want to bring him to life eventually.

The story and the mechanics

Since both Nikolai and I have full time jobs, it´s a little tough to find time to work on the game. But we´re slowly moving forward, and spend most of our evenings talking about the game concept or learning Unity. I have started  on a great tutorial, which explains most of what the different tools in the program do.  I´m also working my way through code academy´s programming-lessons, to get a basic grip on coding. Nikolai will of course be the one doing that part of the work, but it´s helpful to know a bit about the language.

The game concept is starting to get somewhere as well. The main storyline is getting clearer, and we have some new thoughts around the mechanics. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I feel we´re moving in the right direction.

We have talked a lot about it, and come to the conclusion that we don´t want to share the full storyline until the game is done. It has some twists and turns that we would like to be a surprise. But we´ll give you a short summary of the basic plot, and what poor Edgar has to face:

Edgar_Gameconcept-01 Edgar_Gameconcept-02 Edgar_Gameconcept-04 Edgar_Gameconcept-05 Edgar_Gameconcept-06 Edgar_Gameconcept-07 Edgar_Gameconcept-08 Edgar_Gameconcept-09 Edgar_Gameconcept-10

So that´s the plot. Roughly… It´s pretty basic, and gives Edgar a clear motive: Collect parts to fix his girlfriend. It also makes it easy for us to divide the game into chapters – one for each part. In each chapter you will be introduced to new or more advanced mechanics.
It´s  a common story, but the twists makes it special. Just wait.

About the mechanics: This is where we have been struggling. The mechanics has to be based on something that the humans could have used as a weapon against the robots. Something that destroys or manipulates metal. We lost the battle for magnets against Teslagrad and our new friends from Bergen (Go play the demo). So then what? We talked a bit about using the qualities of metal itself. (Melting points, chemical reactions, corrosion, mass….) but it didn´t really fit into the idea of a weapon. So we made a list:

What can destroy a robot:
-Computer viruses
-Nature (genetically modified super-nature)
-Teleporters (Just teleport them into space. Done deal)

Acid. Acid is cool. There has been made several games using acid before, we know that… but it fits really well. It could also add something to the story, in terms of the humans making a weapon that not only destroyed the robots – but also, in the end, themselves.

…So we started talking about the possibilities of using acid, and I started sketching:

Edgar_Gameconcept-11 Edgar_Gameconcept-12 Edgar_Gameconcept-13-13 Edgar_Gameconcept-14 Edgar_Gameconcept-15 Edgar_Gameconcept-16 Edgar_Gameconcept-17 Edgar_Gameconcept-18 Edgar_Gameconcept-19 Edgar_Gameconcept-20

If any of you people out there has any thoughts or ideas, please share them with us. Like I said: nothing is set in stone yet.