A minor issue

1tell you made our game norwegian problem

Soooo… We went out with a couple of friends yesterday, and talked about our game. The reaction was “Oh, like Teslagrad! A friend of mine is making that. He´s from Bergen!”. Apparently he is also a part of Hyperion, an awesome organisation I do some designwork for. Who would have though? Dammit… So that was a minor setback.

In our defence, it´s pretty much impossible to be completely original these days, and we hadn´t heard about the game before. But we want to be original. Or at least original within our own country. Preferably in the world, but that could be a challenge. Norway doesn´t have that big of an indie-game scene, and to be competing with somebody with a game based on the same idea could be problematic. And maybe also a bit unpopular. We don´t want to be unpopular.

When that´s said, Teslagrad looks awesome. I have only seen the demo, but it seems really smooth. You´re playing this small guy with a glove that can make certain things magnetic, which allows him to make elements (or himself) soar around because of the magnetic polarity. It´s scheduled to be released this year on PS3. The story and atmosphere in the game is very different from what we´re planning to make, but the basic idea of using magnets is the same.

But we don´t want to let go of our concept or our story. Edgar is too good, and the universe we have started to create around him is really interesting. So we though: why not turn it around? In the beginning we decided to make a metal character because of the magnets, but why not focus on the qualities metal? It opens up a whole new aspect. We can play with rust, soft metals, hard metals, melting points, oxidation… Magnets will still be a part of the game, but maybe just as a chapter? We haven´t polished the idea yet, but we do think this has potential 😀