Figuring out Unity3D – The first game

Me and Jennydalf are busy learning Unity3D, our weapon of choice for making games. We are already too proud to keep it to our selves, so why not show you this first masterpiece of a game already, while we are trying to figure out where the power button is. Note that Jenny did most of it, my role was simply adding some mindblowing sound-FX.

So don’t just stand there, but try out “Jennyball – The Evil Absorber of Tiny Green Cubes (that go ding)” here:
– (for Mac OS X and Windows)
– Linux version is here:


You can compare scores, for bragging rights if you’d like, post them here or on Facebook!

PS: I wouldn’t look for introductory tutorials for Unity 3D similar to this game, they don’t exist.

Enormous breakthrough: I made a tree

So, I think we finally settled on using Unity to make our game. After googling a lot, and talking to a couple of game-developers in Norway (who all use Unity) it seemed like the logical choice.

I downloaded it today. I have never worked in a game engine before, and didn´t quite know what to expect. It´s a 3D game engine, so I expected a lot of trouble. 3D is a completely unexplored territory for me. Our game is going to be a 2D platformer, but apparently you can still make it in Unity. You just have to make it “flat” 3D in a way. I´ll probably know more about this soon.

My initial reaction after opening the program, and watching a tutorial that was far over my head, was something like this:


Seriously… I didn´t even understand how to move the camera.

But then I found this awesome tutorial on how to make a tree. And I made one. Just look at it. It has branches and leaves and everything!

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 9.09.07 PM

I think this small achievement might have gone to my head.

smile evilsmile MASTER

So… as you can tell, I am incredibly optimistic at the moment. Maybe I´ll  try to make something that is actually relevant for our game tomorrow. Or maybe I´ll make more trees.