Our First Video Game


The Designer:

My name is Jenny. I´m the designer. When I was young, and the school-nurse still thought I was a boy named Jonny, my father bought me a Nintendo 64 for my birthday. It didn´t help with the gender-issue, but it made my childhood a lot more fun. Apart from the time when I got madly addicted to Donkey Kong 64… And the months I spent all of my awake time fishing in Harvest Moon.

17 years (and a bachelor-degree in visual communication) later I´m sitting here with incredibly ambitious plans of making a game myself. I have made design for a wide range of purposes, but never for a game. I have a vague idea of how it works. Apparently hats are absolutely crucial.

I want to have the ability to create awesome worlds with awesome characters that is gonna make you fat and chronically late for work, but you wouldn´t care because you smashed the brains out of that giant turtle, or watched that princess explode.

The Developer:

Hi, I’m Nikolai. I’m the developer in this game making duo. I have been playing games since the late 80’s, mainly PC-games. To get to know me, I thought I’d start by sharing my list of games that influenced me the most (… which made me replace my keyboard, tought me rocket jumping, names of Aztec kings, how to optimize fish cought per hour, how to press mouse1 over 300 times/min, build orders, micro management, macro management, in-depth knowledge of rare bugs in games who will no longer be patched and how give my character more than one hat). Games that gave me weeks of combined playtime of good ol’ fun: Alley CatBubble Bobble, Commander KeenPrince of PersiaAge of Empires 2 and 3 (and HD)Railroad Tycoon II, Total AnnihilationHalf-Life (+mods), Quake 1-3StarCraftWarcraft 3Enemy TerritoryWoW (~180h of playtime), Lego games for Xbox360Team Fortress 2BraidFezJourney and flower.

The game:

So… how to make a game? We have no idea. We have never done it before. But how hard can it be? …very hard probably. We don´t know. We have less than any experience, which is a minor issue. But we´re optimistic. (We do have our bachelor-degrees though… That should count for something)

Why have we made this blog?

We made it so that you, the great people of earth, can follow the process of making a video game from scratch. Keep reading if you want to learn more about 2D computer graphics, JavaScript and all this shiny new web-stuff for making interactive awesomeness .

We´re going to post all our ups and downs, research and achievements, and eventually, hopefully, this process will result in a pretty decent – all new – game.