The Concept

After a summer of feeling ridiculously smart playing games like Braid and Limbo, it was pretty clear to us that our game should be a puzzle-game. And since we lack experience in making games, starting with a 2D platformer seemed smart. So that´s what we´re going to do.

All of the best puzzle-games contains some sort of main mechanism that you use to solve problems. Whether it´s rewinding time, making portals or turning into a chicken. We want to use magnets, because magnets are cool. In a game they would be particularly cool if the character is made of metal. It made sense to make our main character a robot. We figure it will give us a lot of opportunities to play with the physics of magnetism and metal, and our poor robot character will be tossed and dragged around.


This one pretty much explains the physics of the game. Looking forward to see how Nikolai solves this.

But why would our robot be in a world filled with magnets? I´ll tell you soon. It´s gonna involve war, love and cushions.

In the mean time: Here are some of my many sketches of robots, resulting in Edgar. I still might change him a bit, but I´m happy with his awkward and box-like look. And to be completely honest, I want to keep him simple since I lack experience with animation. Having a wheel instead of legs makes it slightly easier. I might give him two legs eventually, but I actually really like him the way he is.


Crazy sketches. Some of these are so strange. Like the guy with the pointy hat. He was actually a pretty good candidate for a while, but I figured he was a little too surrealistic for a main character. Maybe he´ll turn up somewhere in the game though. He´s funny. And the small one at the left with the magnet-antenna is cute!


Here are some magnets… and Edgar! Edgar has more character than the other sketches. His face and lanky body (even though he lacks a nose and mouth,) has a lot of potential in expressing different emotions. 

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