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1tell you made our game norwegian problem

Soooo… We went out with a couple of friends yesterday, and talked about our game. The reaction was “Oh, like Teslagrad! A friend of mine is making that. He´s from Bergen!”. Apparently he is also a part of Hyperion, an awesome organisation I do some designwork for. Who would have though? Dammit… So that was a minor setback.

In our defence, it´s pretty much impossible to be completely original these days, and we hadn´t heard about the game before. But we want to be original. Or at least original within our own country. Preferably in the world, but that could be a challenge. Norway doesn´t have that big of an indie-game scene, and to be competing with somebody with a game based on the same idea could be problematic. And maybe also a bit unpopular. We don´t want to be unpopular.

When that´s said, Teslagrad looks awesome. I have only seen the demo, but it seems really smooth. You´re playing this small guy with a glove that can make certain things magnetic, which allows him to make elements (or himself) soar around because of the magnetic polarity. It´s scheduled to be released this year on PS3. The story and atmosphere in the game is very different from what we´re planning to make, but the basic idea of using magnets is the same.

But we don´t want to let go of our concept or our story. Edgar is too good, and the universe we have started to create around him is really interesting. So we though: why not turn it around? In the beginning we decided to make a metal character because of the magnets, but why not focus on the qualities metal? It opens up a whole new aspect. We can play with rust, soft metals, hard metals, melting points, oxidation… Magnets will still be a part of the game, but maybe just as a chapter? We haven´t polished the idea yet, but we do think this has potential 😀

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  1. Hi and welcome to “Everyone is making my game Syndrome”
    I am glad to see more Norwegian developers, and a fellow Hyperionite no less.
    We have been working on Teslagrad for 2 years, and the designs go even further back. And we got this nice little surprise this spring:

    Started after us. Finished before us. Great.

    And: for all we can tell it didn’t really matter.

    Since neither of us is really trying to rip of anyone elses game there is of course a lot of originality to both our games. The other metallic ideas seem great, if you manage to convey them in a good way.

    Anyhow. Welcome to the scene.
    I know everybody and we have already explored many of the pitfalls of development, perhaps there is some knowledge I can share. My Skype name is Rainypete. Just add me, and we can continue this discussion in Norwegian.

    -Peter W. Meldahl

    • Hi Peter!

      Thank you for cheering us on! 😀 Since we´re so new to this, we don´t really know anybody else within the game-making-scene. The vast internet is of course a never ending source of information on how to make games, but it would be more than great to get help from somebody that has done this before. We already have a lot of questions, and we haven´t even made anything yet!

      We are going to play some more with the idea of metal, and see what we can come up with. It seems logical to divide the game into chapters – one for each property.

      Like I said: we would really appreciate your help! Maybe, after we structure our list of questions a bit, we could have a talk? You could tell us about your experiences, and warn us about what not to do 😉 And if you´re ever at the Hyperion-office in Oslo, let me know 🙂


      • Hi again.

        I am not as often in Oslo thes days as I once was, but I am still there about three times a year. But tell you what. Perhaps you could find a reason to come up to Bergen for this: http://konsoll.org/no/index.php

        A lot of great guests are coming over, and if last year was any indication then most of the Norwegian community will be there. This means that you will get more out of a trip than just talking to me.

        Anyhow. Continuing this conversation will be easier for me if we could do it over mail. I can’t see when you answer me here, and knowing myself I will get lost in work, and just forget.

        Lastly. 2 Things:
        1: There are regular Developer Beers in Oslo If I could add you to a group on Facebook then you could get the news every time one is held.
        2: The Teslagrad Demo is out today. Check it out: http://rain-games.com/the-blog/

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